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Clarion Retail is committed to upholding the highest standards of conduct and ethics, and we extend this commitment to our contractors, exhibitors and visitors as well.

Our Code of Conduct reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical behaviour, integrity, and respect in all our interactions. Every participant in January Furniture Show no matter their role, is expected to embrace these standards, contributing to an environment where honesty, inclusivity, respect and responsibility are paramount. By adhering to this Code, we aim to create a culture that promotes trust and collaboration in the shared pursuit of our goals.

Code of conduct  Discriminatory behaviour towards, or offensive to, individuals or groups for reasons of age, disability, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, race, colour, faith, marital status or gender will not be tolerated at The January Furniture show. Individuals found not to adhere to this policy will be asked to leave.

Reports of any inappropriate behaviour can be reported in confidence to the Organisers Office in Hall 4

We wish you all a safe and successful show.