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Tips from retailers:

  • Ensure thorough product knowledge is evident to instill confidence in placing orders. If the range is extensive, having a readily accessible price list is essential.
  • Familiarise yourself with best-selling items to guide customer choices. For newcomers to wholesale, providing retail statistics can bolster confidence in product selection.
  • Supply high-quality, high-resolution product images upon request.
  • Be aware of the "carriage paid" threshold for shipping.
  • Communicate lead times for ordered items.
  • Disclose if products are already stocked by nearby shops to avoid potential order cancellations.
  • Approach customers respectfully; avoid overly aggressive sales tactics.
  • Display product examples outside of their packaging, but keep packaging available for viewing.
  • Offer a concise, one-page line sheet with comprehensive information, including pricing, terms, minimum orders, shipping details, contact information, and ordering instructions.
  • Assign clear codes or names to products for efficient communication and order processing.

Tips from seasoned exhibitors:

  • Take notes so you don't forget your conversations onsite! Document crucial details such as the potential buyers name, company, what they are interested in ordering and timelines. 
  • Arrive fully prepared with essential materials like business cards, press packs, retailer information, and promotional materials such as business cards and price lists. 
  • *Remember to follow up with each and every lead over the next week – if you leave it too long they’ll have placed their orders with someone else! It’s not about being pushy, just making sure they remember you and your brand – send them a nice email with a link to your catalogue,
  • Chat to your neighbouring stands at the show – networking is one of the central focus' at the Furniture Shows. 
  • Stand presentation is incredibly important at any trade show. It is important to take time to plan out your stand design. Don't be afraid to use colour and unique display methods. Take a look at the Furniture Show's Instagram (@thefurnitureshows) to see examples of past stands. 
  • Organise all necessary information pertaining to the show, including logistics, stand details, and customer queries, in a single A4 notebook or folder for easy reference and accessibility.

Tips from the MFS Team:

  • Look out for emails from the MFS team requesting information, images… etc. if you don’t send them to us, we can’t include you in anything.
  • Start promoting your brand prior to the show. Tell any stockists or shops you’ve been speaking to that you’ll be here, what your stand number is, etc. For social media use the #ManchesterFurnitureShow hashtag - buyers use this on Instagram. Utilise the free marketing material included in this E-Zone and sent to you via email.