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01 Dec 2022

Westbridge Furniture: A Testament to British Excellence at the January Furniture Show

Westbridge Furniture at the January Furniture Show: An Essential Visit

As the UK's premier furniture trade gathering, the January Furniture Show provides an ideal

setting to experience Westbridge Furniture's exemplary British manufacturing. Taking place from

21st to 24th January, this event is indispensable for anyone interested in the evolution of

furniture design and craftsmanship. As a standout exhibitor, Westbridge Furniture presents a

compelling showcase, meriting close attention from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Four Decades of British Craftsmanship

Having cemented its position over almost two decades, being founded in 2004, Westbridge

Furniture is a prominent player in the UK's upholstery sector. The company operates out of four

extensive production facilities across the UK and employs a workforce of over 1,000 individuals.

Producing an impressive 10,000 pieces of upholstery each week, Westbridge Furniture has built

an unassailable reputation for reliability and quality within the domestic market.

Featured Collections: Full Circle, Spirit, and Westbridge

Westbridge Furniture introduces several distinct collections tailored to a range of customer


Full Circle: Emphasising sustainability, this collection utilises recycled materials such as plastic

bottles and foam. Additional eco-friendly features include energy-efficient LED lighting and

water-conserving taps.

Spirit: Aimed at consumers seeking opulence and comfort, the Spirit range employs high-end

materials like premium leather and down-filled cushions. Enhanced durability is achieved

through hardwood frames and reinforced stitching.

Westbridge: Offering both versatility and affordability, this collection features a wide array of

products fashioned from materials like fabric, leather, and wood. A selection of customisable

fabrics, colours, and finishes adds a further layer of appeal.

Expansive UK Retail Network and Product Diversity

With its products available in over 1,500 stores nationwide, Westbridge Furniture commands an

expansive retail presence. In addition to the featured collections, the company boasts an

impressive catalogue of over 1,200 fabric and leather options, catering to diverse aesthetic

tastes. This is bolstered by the UK's largest Design and Development resource in the upholstery


Awards and Customer-Centric Policies

The company's focus on excellence has been recognised through several awards, including the

Which? Best Buy and the Furniture Awards Retailer of the Year. This commitment is reflected in

consumer-friendly policies designed to elevate customer experience and satisfaction.

Sustainability and Community Engagement

Westbridge Furniture is deeply committed to sustainability, utilising recycled materials and

implementing waste reduction and energy conservation measures. Additionally, the company

actively contributes to charitable and community-based initiatives, reaffirming its dedication to

social responsibility.

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

The company offers an attractive suite of employee benefits, from health insurance and

retirement plans to tuition reimbursements, thereby promoting a healthy and engaging work



Westbridge Furniture is not just an exhibitor to look out for, but an essential part of the January

Furniture Show experience. Representing a blend of quality, customer focus, sustainability, and

versatility, the brand stands as a paragon in the UK upholstery industry. Book your tickets here

to explore a brand that exemplifies both British craftsmanship and ethical entrepreneurship.


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