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01 Dec 2022

Vida Living at JFS: Unveiling Elegance and Innovation in Furniture Design

Discover Vida Living at the January Furniture Show

The January Furniture Show (JFS) serves as a gateway to the world of premier furnishings,

marking the calendar from January 21st to January 24th 2024 as a landmark for industry

enthusiasts and professionals alike. Nestled among the leading lights of design and

manufacturing, Vida Living is set to unveil its mastery in crafting exquisite furniture that anchors

homes with style and comfort.

Four Decades of Family Tradition and Ethical Craftsmanship

Established as a family business, Vida Living has been infusing homes with elegance for over

40 years. With an unwavering dedication to ethical sourcing and the finest craftsmanship, the

brand’s heritage resonates within each piece of furniture. Originating with deep-rooted values,

Vida Living extends its presence both nationally and globally, continuously expanding its

footprint while maintaining its core principles.

The Vision Behind the Designs

Guiding Vida Living's design ethos is Creative Director Ruth Cherry, bringing 16 years of

industry specific knowledge. The design team, the architects of Vida Living’s product range from

conception to final production, are dedicated to quality and innovation, ensuring each piece is a

testament to the brand’s lofty standards.

Innovation and Timeless Elegance Across Diverse Collections

Over 1,000 products manifest Vida Living’s dedication to versatility and innovation, culminating

in the Spring/Summer 2024 collection. From the functional Breeze dining table to the

sophisticated Mabel bed, Vida Living offers solutions that cater to modern demands without

sacrificing timeless appeal.

Introducing the Ophelia Collection

The new addition to Vida Living’s repertoire, the Ophelia collection, is a beacon of modern

elegance for the bedroom. This range, with its sleek grey framing, beveled mirror panels, and

crystal-styled handles, is a nod to the Hollywood regency era, reimagined for the contemporary

home. It boasts large, detailed paneling drawers that promise to blend with a multitude of

interior styles.

The Creative Process: From Sketch to Production

The design team’s creative process is a meticulous journey from brainstorming sessions to

technical production. Prototyping, material selection, and rigorous quality control are integral to

ensuring that each piece is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior.

Service Excellence and Sustainable Practices

With warehouses in Dundalk and Manchester, Vida Living demonstrates an unwavering

commitment to service excellence and sustainability, with initiatives in place to minimise their

ecological footprint without compromising on service quality.

Special Show Features and Expert Guidance

Attendees of the JFS can look forward to engaging with Vida Living's expert team, gaining

insights into the craftsmanship behind the new collections.


The January Furniture Show is an unparalleled event for those in search of the confluence of

design integrity and functionality in furniture. Vida Living stands out as a beacon of this fusion,

inviting attendees to experience the unveiling of the Ophelia collection amongst other exquisite

pieces. Book your tickets to JFS and be part of a narrative that is shaping the very essence of

home living through Vida Living’s visionary craftsmanship.


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