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10 Dec 2022

Sherborne Upholstery: Heritage and Modernity at JFS

The forthcoming January Furniture Show (JFS), scheduled from 21st to 24th, offers an ideal setting to explore the craftsmanship and design innovation of Sherborne Upholstery, a key brand at this industry-defining event.


Heritage of Quality and Broad Product Range


Sherborne Upholstery, established in 1930, but cemented as a limited company in 1953 represents more than just a brand; it is a symbol of British heritage. Specialising in an array of furniture including sofas, chairs, and fireside chairs, the company has earned a reputation for quality and comfort. The Albany sofa, with its classic elements like curved arms and tufted cushions, is available in multiple fabrics and colours and serves as a product highlight.


Innovation, Sustainability, and Unique Collections


Sherborne Upholstery has a history of leading in innovation, being one of the first companies to  introduce reclining sofas to the UK. They will unveil their Aquaclean fabrics at JFS, which are designed for ease of cleaning with just water. Additionally, the company practises sustainability by sourcing FSC-certified wood, recycling wood waste, and utilising solar energy in their manufacturing process.


Design Advantages: Comfort and Customisation


Sherborne's unique design advantages set them apart. Their Reflex cushions and Futura leathers combine to offer superior comfort and durability. Advanced recliner mechanisms, such as Omega Motion and TiMotion with intelligence, provide not just comfort but also features like heat, massage, and adjustable headrests. These mechanisms also offer memory settings, ensuring a personalised experience for each user.


Quality Assurance and Technical Excellence


Sherborne Upholstery adheres to rigorous quality standards. They employ double-dowelled frames, eight-way hand-tied springs, and hand-stitched seams, resulting in durable and comfortable furniture. Sherborne is also a member of the British Furniture Manufacturers Association (BFM), affirming their commitment to quality and safety. Their comprehensive guarantee on all products serves as a testament to this commitment.


Craftsmanship and Customisation


The company utilises traditional techniques and the finest materials, such as hardwood frames and high-quality fabrics, to craft each piece. Their diverse range of styles, fabrics, and colours allows for extensive customisation to meet individual needs.


The January Furniture Show stands as an invaluable platform for discerning furniture aficionados. The inclusion of Sherborne Upholstery adds significant value to the event, highlighting the very best in modern and traditional furniture styles. Tickets for JFS can be secured [], presenting an ideal opportunity for attendees to engage with top-tier furniture craftsmanship and design.

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