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27 Mar 2024

How to Sell Furniture to Modern Consumers in 2024

How to Sell Furniture to Modern Consumers in 2024
Furniture Show Selling in 2024
Explore key strategies to sell furniture in 2024, focusing on trade shows and digital engagement.

In 2024, the landscape for selling furniture continues to evolve, reflecting the changing preferences of modern consumers. Businesses looking to thrive must adapt by employing diverse strategies to reach their target audience effectively. As a result of the pandemic, the paradigms of buying habits fluctuated a lot leaving furniture sellers having to navigate new realms, such as social media and show rooms. However, 4 years on from this, the best strategies for this year have been established and are ready for you to target!

1. Trade Show

Trade shows stand out as the most effective and essential method for selling furniture in 2024. They provide the industry's BEST opportunity for businesses to connect directly with buyers, showcase products, and secure orders.

  • Benefits: Trade shows offer a unique environment for face-to-face interactions, allowing sellers to build relationships, understand buyer needs, and immediately address queries. The Manchester Furniture Show (MFS), scheduled for 10-11th of July, exemplifies this, bringing together industry professionals for networking and sourcing new products in a relaxed atmosphere.


  • Unique Points in the Furniture Industry:

    • Demonstrations of product functionality and quality can significantly impact buyer decisions.

    • MFS, being the industry’s second-largest furniture exhibition, facilitates targeted exposure to the key audience of retailers, interior designers, manufacturers and wholesalers .

    • The timing of MFS is strategic, perfectly placed to capture buyers ready for mid-year purchasing, making it an essential event for sellers looking to boost their order books.

Furniture Show for 2024


2. Benefits of a Strong Social Presence

A strong social profile, nurtured through platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and industry-specific forums, serves as the cornerstone for brand recognition. It provides an invaluable opportunity to engage with a community that values authenticity and quality. For furniture brands, social media and online platforms are not just tools for showcasing products but also for telling a brand's story, highlighting sustainability efforts, and sharing customer testimonials, thus building trust before potential buyers even step foot in Manchester Central.

However, the pinnacle of elevating a brand's stature lies in the integration of these digital efforts with the tangible experiences provided by events like MFS. Attendance at MFS, set in the heart of the North of England on the 10-11th of July, offers a distinctive avenue to translate online visibility into real-world credibility and connections.

While digital platforms offer a broad reach, they also come with their own set of challenges. The online furniture market is crowded, making it difficult for brands to stand out. Moreover, the absence of physical interaction can deter some customers who prefer to 'feel' the product before making a purchase. This is where MFS steps in, providing a solution to these digital setbacks.

3. Harnessing the Power of Regional Networks and Communities

The significance of localised networks and communities has never been more pronounced for the furniture industry. As businesses strive to distinguish themselves in a crowded market, leveraging the power of regional engagement offers a KEY advantage, particularly through participation in focused trade shows.

Trade shows, specifically tailored to the furniture industry like the Manchester Furniture Show (MFS), serve as a catalyst for businesses to deeply root themselves within the regional market. Set against the backdrop of Manchester, a city renowned for its rich legacy in craftsmanship and innovation, MFS provides an ideal platform for sellers to showcase their products to a concentrated audience of over 3,500 industry buyers, designers, and interior specialists. This audience is not just large but it is highly targeted, consisting of individuals and companies actively seeking new products and partnerships. See our audience in the table below.

Visitors at MFS

The benefits of engaging with these regional networks at MFS extend far beyond mere exposure. It offers businesses the opportunity to connect, in person, with potential customers and partners who are within their geographical reach, facilitating easier follow-ups and stronger relationship building. In the context of the furniture industry, where the look, feel, and quality of products play a significant role in purchasing decisions, the ability to engage directly with a regional audience cannot be overstated.

MFS's positioning as the second-largest furniture exhibition in the UK and its timing – strategically placed at the beginning of the second buying season – make it an unmissable event for sellers aiming to boost their mid-year sales. The show’s focus on creating a relaxed and friendly atmosphere fosters a unique environment where meaningful interactions can occur, enabling businesses to understand the needs and preferences of their regional market more intimately.

Incorporating the insights and connections gained from participating in such a regional powerhouse event into one’s business strategy can significantly amplify a brand’s presence within the local market. It provides an authentic touchpoint for businesses to not only display their products but also to demonstrate their commitment to understanding and serving the local community's needs.

Choosing the right channel to sell furniture in 2024 ultimately depends on your business goals, target audience, and budget. For broad reach and innovation, digital platforms are fantastic. However, the Manchester Furniture Show offers a unique blend of direct engagement and networking opportunities, making it a great tool for those looking to make significant industry impacts. The optimal strategy may involve a blend of these channels, tailored to meet specific business objectives and consumer preferences.

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