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09 Jan 2024

What's NEW this year at JFS 2024

What's NEW this year at JFS 2024
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The January Furniture Show (JFS) 2024 is set to bring several exciting new features and experiences to its attendees. Here's a rundown of what's new this year:


Champagne Bar & Show Party: A brand-new Champagne Bar will provide a high-end setting for client meetings and networking. The Show Party, one of the main networking events, will take place at this Champagne Bar, offering an opportunity to relax and celebrate the day's successes.


Festival Food Court: This is a new addition in Hall 2, offering a selection of fusion food that combines style and flavor. It's designed to be a welcoming pitstop during your visit to the show.


Workshop Sessions (FIRA): These new workshops and sessions feature industry leaders like BIRA, and FIRA. They offer a chance to gain insights, sharpen skills, and stay updated with the latest rules and regulations shaping the furniture and interior industry.


Women in Furniture Network (WIFN): The third edition of this event aims to provide a platform for women in the furniture industry to network, build relationships, find mentors, and support each other.


International Pavilions: Step into a global showcase with International Pavilions presented in Hall 4, featuring the latest trends and creations from countries such as Romania, Poland, China, Vietnam, Ukraine, Turkey, and Portugal.


Product Showcase & Experiential Stations: New product showcases will be displayed at each hall entrance, featuring design innovations from the show's cutting-edge brands.


Crafting the Future Networking Hub: This new networking space will host various events and also feature The Furniture Makers' showcase of Young Furniture Makers' pieces, a furniture careers hub, and live craft workshops.


A Reimagined Look and Show Edit: The show introduces a new branding with a contemporary color palette and a layout that optimizes the visitor journey across different core show areas.


These new features are in addition to the established elements of the show, like the Furniture Awards, VIP Club, and the Home & Lifestyle Show, making JFS 2024 an event rich with opportunities for discovery, networking, and industry advancement. The combination of new experiences and the show's proven track record makes it a must-attend event for industry professionals. For more details on these and other features of the JFS, you can visit their website at January Furniture Show.


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