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08 Dec 2022

Premier Housewares at JFS: Redefining Domestic Elegance and Innovation

Unveiling Premier Housewares at the Pinnacle of Domestic Elegance

The January Furniture Show, a red-letter event in the homeware industry calendar, heralds the

arrival of Premier Housewares at its illustrious stage. Scheduled to dazzle from January 21st to

January 24th, the show is the zenith of furniture fashion and innovation. Family-established and

globally expanded, Premier Housewares will showcase its comprehensive and cutting-edge

range, beckoning industry connoisseurs and aficionados to witness excellence in home


The Heritage of Homeware Mastery

Premier Housewares, etching its story in the annals of the industry since 1988, stands today as

a paragon of international repute in the homewares domain. What began as a familial

endeavour has burgeoned into a worldwide collaboration with esteemed manufacturers,

delivering over 14,000 unique and quality-centric products. Premier Housewares has become a

beacon of diversity and craftsmanship in the realm of home decor.

The Spectrum of Domestic Furnishing

Encompassing an array of home essentials, Premier Housewares' inventory boasts a plethora

of choices from plush sofas to practical outdoor fixtures. The textile array complements this with

a luxurious selection of bedding, draperies, and essential soft furnishings, melding elegance

with everyday utility.

The Quintessence of Kitchen and Bath Artistry

Premier Housewares extends its mastery into the culinary and bathroom spheres, offering an

all-encompassing selection from avant-garde cookware to bakeware, alongside smart

appliances that redefine convenience and beauty in modern living spaces. Their bathroom

collection transforms the ordinary into sanctuaries of comfort with a stylish and pragmatic range

of furniture and accessories.

The Ensemble of Home Elegance

With a forte in trend anticipation and market innovation, Premier Housewares presents an

impressive collection of over 4,000 furniture items, showcasing a rich tapestry of styles and

economic diversity. Adding to the splendour, Fifty Five South offers opulent furniture and

accessories for the connoisseur, while Interiors By Premier makes fashionable living attainable

without extravagance. Maison By Premier anchors the collection with fundamental home

necessities that combine style with affordability.

The Hallmark of Quality, Affordability, and Service

Premier Housewares' pursuit of domestic sophistication is matched by an unwavering

commitment to quality. The brand's dedicated team offers more than mere products; they

provide comprehensive marketing solutions and insights into evolving trends. This ethos is

palpable at the January Furniture Show, where Premier Housewares will affirm its dedication to

consumer satisfaction and industry leadership.


The January Furniture Show emerges as the quintessential avenue for delving into the future of

home furnishing design. Premier Housewares' presence signals a prime opportunity to delve

into a world where the confluence of quality, innovation, and aesthetic design come to life. The

event promises to be a showcase of premier home essentials, each crafted with a commitment

to excellence and forward-thinking design for the contemporary household. Get your tickets



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