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09 Jan 2024

How to Make the Most Out of Furniture Trade Shows in 2024

How to Make the Most Out of Furniture Trade Shows in 2024
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Making the most out of furniture trade shows in 2024 requires a strategic approach to maximize the opportunities these events present. Whether you're an exhibitor, buyer, or just an industry enthusiast, understanding the dynamics of these shows can significantly enhance your experience. Let's delve into some key strategies:


1. Pre-Show Preparation

Research and Plan: Before attending, research the event, like the January Furniture Show (JFS), to identify key exhibitors and events. For example, in 2024, JFS will feature new workshops, international pavilions, and the Women in Furniture Network event.

Set Objectives: Define what you want to achieve – discovering new trends, finding new suppliers, or networking with industry leaders. The JFS, renowned for its diversity in exhibitors and products, is an excellent platform for these objectives.

Schedule Meetings in Advance: Use the opportunity to connect with industry leaders and potential partners. JFS’s VIP Club and the Crafting the Future Networking Hub are ideal for such interactions.

2. During the Show

Attend Key Events and Workshops: Engage in workshops and sessions like those offered by FIRA at JFS. These can provide valuable insights into the latest industry regulations and trends.

Network Effectively: Use networking events, such as the JFS show party, to meet peers and industry experts. Remember, the Champagne Bar at JFS is a great spot for more intimate meetings.

Explore Innovations and Trends: Visit the new product showcases and experiential stations at events like JFS to stay ahead of emerging trends.

Utilise Digital Tools: Leverage social media to stay updated on show happenings and connect with attendees.

3. Engaging with Exhibitors

Ask the Right Questions: Inquire about product features, design inspiration, and future trends. JFS is known for its wide array of exhibitors from different segments like premium design and home & lifestyle.

Evaluate Product Quality: Take the time to physically assess the products. Shows like JFS provide a unique opportunity to see a vast range of items in person.

Discuss Business Opportunities: If you're a buyer or a retailer, discuss terms, pricing, and exclusivity with exhibitors.

4. Post-Show Follow-up

Connect with Contacts: Follow up with the contacts you made during the show. A prompt follow-up can cement the relationships initiated at the event.

Review and Reflect: Take stock of what you learned, the trends you observed, and how they can impact your business or interest.

Implement Learnings: Apply the insights and trends discovered at the show to your business strategy or personal knowledge.

5. Leveraging Show Features

Explore Specific Areas: JFS, for instance, has distinctively defined sectors (Premium Design, Interior Accessories and Furniture, etc.). Each area offers unique products and experiences.


Furniture trade shows, such as the January Furniture Show, are not just about viewing the latest furniture designs; they are about immersion in the industry's future, networking, and business opportunities. To make the most of these events, it's essential to be well-prepared, proactive, and open to new experiences and connections. The show offers a microcosm of the industry, reflecting current trends, challenges, and future directions. By actively participating and engaging, you can gain invaluable insights and opportunities, making your visit to a furniture trade show in 2024 both productive and enjoyable.


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