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07 Dec 2022

Lebus Upholstery at JFS: Combining Quality, Style, and Affordability

JFS, the UK's most significant furniture trade show, provides the perfect setting to experience the fine craftsmanship of Lebus Upholstery. The event is scheduled from January 21st to January 24th 2024 and serves as a hub for those interested in the latest trends in the furniture industry. Lebus Upholstery will be among the prominent brands showcasing their top-of-the-line products, making the show a must-attend event.


A Legacy of Craftsmanship and Extensive Offerings


Founded in 1840, Lebus Upholstery is more than a business; it's a lineage. With a 250,000 square feet state-of-the-art factory, the brand's commitment to quality is clear. The company offers a wide range of furniture products, from practical dining chairs and luxurious sofas to versatile footstools and functional TV stands.


Style, Substance, and Sofa Collections


Lebus caters to various aesthetics, from modern minimalism and traditional sensibilities to a blend of both. Their wide range of fabric and leather options means there's something for every home. When it comes to sofas, the brand offers a plethora of styles including Skye, Porto, Antigua, Brianna, and Trieste. These collections feature unique benefits like reclining options, built-in storage, and the ability to convert into beds.


Quality and Customisation


Lebus doesn't compromise on quality, employing hardwoods like oak and beech for its frames and using high-grade steel springs. Their products come with a 10-year frame guarantee, adding an extra layer of trust for the customer. Customisation is also at the forefront of Lebus's offerings, allowing a broad spectrum of fabrics, colours, and bespoke adjustments to meet the customer’s specific needs.


Outstanding Service and Value


Affordability and quality are not mutually exclusive at Lebus. The brand prides itself on offering quality furniture at reasonable prices. Customer service is also a priority, with a knowledgeable staff who guide clients through the selection process, ensuring a smooth experience from start to finish.

The January Furniture Show stands as an excellent venue for exploring new and innovative furniture designs. Lebus Upholstery's participation makes the event even more worthwhile. For those interested, tickets for JFS can be secured here [], ensuring an opportunity to discover the best the furniture industry has to offer.

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