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30 Nov 2022

La-Z-Boy LTD's Showcase: A Blend of American Comfort and British Elegance at JFS

La-Z-Boy LTD at the January Furniture Show: An Unmissable Experience

The January Furniture Show is pleased to feature La-Z-Boy LTD, a prime exhibitor at this

industry-defining event from 21st to 24th January.

Rich American Heritage

The brand traces its origins back to 1927 in Monroe, Michigan, where founder Edwin J.

Shoemaker, a chiropractor, designed the first reclining chair. Initially composed of orange crates

and canvas, the chair revolutionised comfort and posture, rapidly growing La-Z-Boy into one of

America's leading furniture manufacturers by the 1930s. Its American roots remain integral to its

identity today, with the company still manufacturing products in the United States and employing

over 9,000 people domestically. Over 90% of its materials are sourced from domestic suppliers,

underlining its commitment to American values of comfort, quality, and craftsmanship.

UK Operations and Product Line

As the UK subsidiary of this storied brand, La-Z-Boy LTD has been bringing its premium

products to British shores since 1978. Headquartered in Maidenhead, Berkshire, it operates

through a robust network of over 100 UK retailers. The company offers an extensive range of

reclining chairs, sofas, coffee tables, side tables, and TV stands, available in various styles from

traditional to contemporary.

Award-Winning Quality and Customer Service

La-Z-Boy LTD's commitment to excellence is validated by several awards, such as the Which?

Best Buy award for reclining chairs and Furniture Awards for Retailer of the Year and Best

Customer Service. This dedication extends to various customer-friendly policies, including free

delivery for orders above £500, a 10-year warranty on frames, and a 30-day satisfaction


Sustainability Commitments

La-Z-Boy LTD is committed to sustainability, aiming for net-zero emissions by 2050. The

company employs renewable energy, has eight zero waste-to-landfill facilities, and recycles or

reuses 96% of its non-hazardous waste. New recliners are designed to be 20% more

energy-efficient. These efforts are aligned with SASB standards, covering responsible sourcing

and water conservation.

Customisation and Variety

A highlight is the Anna three-seater sofa, the most popular offering from La-Z-Boy in the UK. Not

only is it available as a manual or power recliner, but it also features an array of fabric and

leather options, ranging from chenille and corduroy to top-grain and genuine leather.


La-Z-Boy LTD is an unmissable participant at the upcoming January Furniture Show. The brand

stands as a testament to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainable practices, deeply rooted

in its nearly century-long American heritage. Secure your tickets here to discover a brand that

epitomises the American and British ideals of comfort and quality.


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