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11 Jan 2024

Furniture Feature: Dynamic X Plus Ltd.

Furniture Feature: Dynamic X Plus Ltd.
Dynamic X Plus, a seasoned digital visualisation company, is set to make its debut at The January Furniture Show in just 10 days. With over a decade of experience, they offer a range of services, including 3D visualisations, photo-realistic ambient lifestyle visuals, cinematic videos, and immersive digital experiences. Take a look at this brand's story below. 

Tell us who you are and what your brand is? How long have you been in business? Have you exhibited at January Furniture Show before?

We are Dynamic X Plus, a well-experienced digital visualisation company that caters to multiple clienteles, such as furniture design and manufacturing, interior design, construction, industrial manufacturing, etc. Even though we started with 3D still visualisation, now we have expanded our services to photo-realistic ambient lifestyle visualisations and cinematic videos, immersive and non-immersive digital experiences such as product configurators, virtual showrooms, Augmented Reality (AR) visualisations, and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences. We have been in business for over a decade and have completed over 100 large-scale projects for clients worldwide.  This is the debut participation of Dynamic X Plus at The January Furniture Show as an exhibitor.


Can you tell us about your new collections/ranges that you’ll be launching at January Furniture Show?

From the start of 2024, we offer all our customers a ‘customer portal’. With this feature, communication as a workflow between the customer and our development team will be more streamlined and transparent. Most importantly, it will provide customers with real-time notifications on the current stage of the project, and it will allow the customer to provide on-the-spot feedback and request revisions. We believe this feature will ensure that we can offer a 100% satisfactory product to the customer in a shorter time.

Additionally, from 2024, we are introducing multiple billing models for the clients. Based on over a decade of experience, we understand that the requirements of each client can be different. We have made it our goal to understand the exact requirements of the client and offer a product that can make those requirements fully satisfied. From now on, the customers will have the opportunity to work with us on a project basis or to embark with us on a subscription basis, aiming for a longer run.


What are you most looking forward to at the show?

Meet all the visitors and give them a visualization solution for their services and help all visitors and exhibitors to fulfil their product or services visualization journey by giving them an exclusive service through Cost effective, time-saving, maintaining the quality of the output.


Where do you see the furniture industry going? Are any styles/trends from the past that are coming back? Are any designs that are least likely to return?

Since we are only a service provider for the furniture industry, we cannot share opinions on furniture trends. But based on our experience serving countless customers over a decade, one thing we can ensure is that the development of technology will have a huge impact on how products are presented to customers. Three decades ago, the main marketing material for products was still photographs and videos, and eventually, it is converting towards CGI visualisation. With advanced technology, it is almost impossible to distinguish between a product photograph created by investing massively in backdrop setups, multiple products for customizable options, and camera and light crews. With CGI, it has become a job for a smaller team while getting unlimited customization options at the fingertips.

With the development of technologies such as AR and VR, customers can now have a realistic, immersive experience in their homes. This will give them more power in decision-making and can almost feel what it is to have a specific product in their living room. We believe these facilities are becoming a key factor in selecting one product over another and it could be the next tidal wave for manufacturers to conquer the market or to slowly fade away.


What’s next for the company?

As the growth of Dynamic X Plus suggests, one of our key pillars is continuous innovation and expanding boundaries by focusing on customer experience. In parallel to that, we always try to understand the client’s problems and provide sustainable solutions that can make the customer journey smoother and more transparent. These were the main thinking behind introducing a new customer portal and multiple billing models; apart from that, the innovation team works hard every day to bridge the gap between the newest visualisation technologies and the customers and to inspire all our customers for greater things.

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