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30 Nov 2022

Exploring Buoyant Upholstery's Craftsmanship at the January Furniture Show

Meet Buoyant Upholstery at the January Furniture Show: A Testament to British


JFS, the UK's leading furniture trade show, is a must-attend event running from January 21st to

January 24th 2024. It's the perfect platform to discover Buoyant Upholstery's latest innovations

among more than 350 exhibitors.

The Genesis of Excellence:

Established in 1909, Buoyant Upholstery Ltd is a pillar of British craftsmanship, offering an array

of quality upholstered furniture. Its expansive range includes traditional Chesterfield,

Bridgewater, and camelback sofas, as well as modern sectionals and recliners.

The Chair Portfolio:

Before diving into other dimensions of the brand, it's worth noting Buoyant's extensive chair

offerings. From comfortable armchairs and stylish accent chairs to practical dining chairs, each

piece reflects Buoyant's commitment to excellence in both materials and construction.

Innovation at Its Core:

Pushing boundaries in design and comfort, Buoyant has been a pioneer in integrating advanced

materials like memory foam and gel infusion. Their sofas and chairs offer not just superior

comfort but also come with diverse customisation options, including choice of fabric, seat and

back cushions, armrests, and leg finishes.

Core Values and Accreditations:

Guided by principles of quality, innovation, and transparency, Buoyant Upholstery maintains

several esteemed accreditations. Membership in the British Furniture Manufacturers Association

(BFM) and FIRA Gold Installation Certification are significant indicators of the brand's

commitment to quality and safety.

Steering Towards a Greener Future:

Buoyant Upholstery isn't just about high-quality furniture; they're also deeply committed to

sustainability. A £215,000 investment in solar panels for their Lancashire facility will notably

reduce their carbon footprint, an initiative that dovetails with their Forest Stewardship Council

(FSC) certification.


JFS is the optimal setting for discovering the latest in furniture design. Buoyant Upholstery

stands out with its commitment to quality and innovation. Secure your tickets at JFS Tickets to

experience it all.


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