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22 Nov 2023

Furniture Villages A/W Stylish Trends

Furniture Villages A/W Stylish Trends

Paint the Town

Immerse yourself in a vibrant, dopamine-infused realm as we reinvent classic colour blocking with an eclectic twist. Overflowing with bold shapes and a kaleidoscope of red, burgundy, and fuchsia, this autumn/winter 2023 trend is a powerhouse that promises a visually stunning and Instagram-worthy interior.

"A warm terracotta backdrop serves as the canvas for bursts of poppy red, midnight navy, and fuchsia. Embrace audacious colour clashes— the more daring, the better," advises Elkie.

In the realm of furniture trends for 2023, the spotlight is on striking silhouettes. "Take a leap with shapes and seek out pieces with captivating angles. Think Chesterfields, angular armchairs, and winged bed frames. They'll infuse your space with a sense of drama and flair," adds Elkie.

While vivid washes of colour temper the fervent flamboyance of this look, it's the meticulous details that elevate it from a classic colour clash to a lively riot of statement hues and patterns.

"For an elevated touch, introduce checks and dogtooth fabric through space-enhancing accessories like cushions, footstools, and lamps. Luxe materials such as velvet and frosted glass will further enhance the overall aesthetic," suggests Elkie.



Embrace the essence of Charleston House, the iconic dwelling of Bloomsbury Set artists Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, in our upcoming autumn/winter 2023 trend. Infusing an Arts and Crafts aesthetic with a uniquely subdued mood, this homely reinterpretation exudes a timeless charm.

Set against a backdrop of painted swirls, spirals, and decorative wallpaper, this autumn trend invites a bohemian spirit into your living space. "We incorporated lovingly crafted oak furniture and a snug statement sofa to imbue the area with warmth and colour," shares Elkie.

Subtle nods to the Arts and Crafts movement add character to your interior. "Combine mismatched paisley and floral cushions with William Morris wallpaper for an authentic Bloomsbury vibe, and feel free to relax traditional style norms," encourages Elkie.

As she suggests, "While antique furniture and hand-painted murals embody classic Bloomsbury, you can capture the bohemian spirit and personalize it by incorporating scrolled sofa arms, pedestal base tables, and painted wood occasional pieces of modern country furniture."



Celebrating the myriad rich hues of brown, from caramel to hazelnut to coffee, grounded emerges as one of the most versatile interior trends this season.

However, this autumn trend transcends a mere colour scheme; Grounded embodies warmth, texture, and a focus on tactile surfaces with natural finishes. Elkie emphasizes, "Envision rustic wood furniture, well-worn leather sofas, and velvet chairs paired with carefully selected accent pieces."

She adds, "While leather and wood may evoke tradition, the infusion of bold modern accessories and contemporary lighting ensures that this trend maintains an effortlessly sophisticated edge."

Beyond its visual appeal, grounded encapsulates a feeling—an essence that resonates with the tranquillity and comfort we seek in our homes amidst the modern pace. Grounded is synonymous with stillness, calmness, relaxation, and comfort—a perfect antidote to the demands of contemporary life.

With neutral walls and floors, this look seamlessly integrates monochromatic accents of black, white, and grey, as well as the more traditionally autumnal tones of burnt orange and forest green. This adaptability makes our Grounded autumn trend easily refreshable as the seasons evolve.


New Nostalgia

The resurgence of 1970s style persists, and we wholeheartedly embrace it with our New Nostalgia furniture trend for 2023, offering a perfect blend of a relaxing yet functional home aesthetic infused with a generous dose of on-trend retro charm.

This autumn trend seamlessly combines the organic shapes and free-flowing essence of 1970s-inspired furniture with a colour palette that exudes warmth in a cool, contemporary way, featuring offbeat sage and mustard tones. The result is a look that feels both timeless and refreshingly modern.

According to Elkie, "We began by selecting a handful of striking 70s-style wooden furniture pieces, opting for those with classic curves and smooth, tactile finishes. We then enhanced this autumn trend with retro ceramic items, whimsical table lamps, and, notably, vibrant textiles."

She adds, "Contemporary style is injected into this trend through geometric patterns and prints, showcased in wallpaper, cushions, bed linen, and rugs, providing both modern flair and the desired cosy warmth."

Elkie also suggests accentuating the space with well-tended potted plants sporting bright green foliage—the larger, the better—allowing nature to make its presence felt, all from the comfort of your New Nostalgia living space.


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