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14 Feb 2024

Discover the Latest Trends at This Year's Furniture Trade Show - 2024

Discover the Latest Trends at This Year's Furniture Trade Show - 2024
The upcoming Furniture Trade Show at Manchester Central promises a deep dive into the latest interior design trends, showcasing innovations and styles that are defining the future of living spaces.

This year's Furniture Trade Show promises to be a spectacle of innovation, design, and style, offering attendees an unparalleled opportunity to discover the latest trends that are shaping the future of interior design. As the industry looks forward to this event, set to be one of the highlights of the summer at Manchester Central, it becomes crucial to pinpoint the trends that will dominate the furniture and interiors landscape. Here, we delve into three key trends that not only capture the essence of contemporary design but also offer a glimpse into the future of how we perceive and interact with our living spaces.

A Timeless Investment in Elegance

Manchester Furniture show 2024 design

The concept of quiet luxury has taken centre stage, signalling a shift towards classic, investment pieces that serve as the foundation of a room. Influential designers like Jake Arnold and Timothy Corrigan emphasise the importance of selecting timeless pieces characterised by classic shapes, silhouettes, and materials that can withstand the test of time. This trend, highlighted at the Furniture Trade Show, mirrors the fashion industry's move towards understated elegance, with luxurious, soft, textured fabrics, warm rich woods, and subtler patterns for large furniture pieces leading the way. Such pieces are not just purchases; they are lifelong investments that evolve with the owner, embodying sophistication and durability.


Mono-rooms. The Art of Single-Hue Spaces

mono room living room 2024Another significant trend that will be showcased at the Furniture Trade Show is the rise of mono-rooms, a design approach where a single hue governs the space, allowing texture, silhouette, and material to take centre stage. This concept, championed by Jeremiah Brent and Joy Moyler Interiors, encourages designers to explore the depths of a single colour, creating a cohesive and immersive experience. The mono-room trend speaks to the desire for harmony and unity within spaces, offering a fresh perspective on how colour can define and elevate a room's aesthetic. To see how the Mono style of 2024 can be displayed in outdoor areas read more here.


Fashion Colours as Home Colours. The "Latte" Brown Revolution

manchester furniture show brown living room 2024

Finally, the intersection of fashion and interior design has never been more evident, with colour trends from the fashion world making a bold entry into home interiors. Martyn Lawrence Bullard's prediction that brown is poised to become a dominant force in interior design is a testament to this fusion. The Furniture Trade Show will be a platform for exploring how this versatile colour can transform spaces, from lacquered walls to velvet drapery and heavy textured linen sofas. Brown's earthy tones offer warmth and depth, proving that fashion's influence on home décor continues to inspire innovative and dynamic design solutions.


As we approach the Manchester Furniture Show, scheduled for the 10-11th of July, these trends underline the event's significance as a beacon for emerging styles and innovations in the furniture and interior design industry. Attendees can look forward to immersing themselves in the latest trends, including quiet luxury, mono-rooms, and the transformative power of fashion colours in home décor. The show provides a unique opportunity for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore the future of furniture and interiors, ensuring that the journey towards refinement and sophistication in design is both accessible and inspiring.

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