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27 Nov 2022

Bringing the Scandinavian aesthetic and Sustainability all under JFS’s Roof

Bringing the Scandinavian aesthetic and Sustainability all under JFS’s Roof


Furninova has been producing sleek and modern sofas, chairs, and more for over 30 years. Beyond just looks, Furninova is committed to sustainability, using responsibly sourced materials and reducing waste wherever possible. When you carry Furninova furniture in your store, you provide your customers with beautiful, eco-friendly pieces built to last.


A Commitment to Sustainability 

What truly sets Furninova apart is their dedication to sustainability. The company is FSC certified from raw materials to finished products. Using renewable energy to power their facilities, as well as recycling their leather and fabric scraps into new products. Each decision is made with sustainability in mind, from material sourcing to the manufacturing processes to delivery methods. Furninova is always actively developing new initiatives to further reduce their environmental impact.


Quality Craftsmanship 

Each year, Furninova produces around 250,000 custom sofas and armchairs at its factory. Each sofa begins its journey as pine logs harvested sustainably from local suppliers in Poland. The logs are carefully sawn into planks and left to air dry for 5-15 days depending on the season. Skilled craftsmen transform the dried planks into solid wood frames, using plywood and chipboard for support. Talented seamstresses cut unique fabric templates and digitally cut leather remnants from the food industry to minimise waste. With attention to every detail, they sew upholstery pieces together by hand. Cushion fillers gently pad the frames with soft foam, feathers and fibres for optimal comfort. 


Rigorous quality checks, modular assembly and protective packaging are undertaken before they leave the factory. From forest to furniture, the brand blends with precision, sustainability and comfort into quality sofas designed to last. Each Furninova piece is made to order at their European factory. This allows for customisation options to suit each customer's taste all whilst minimising waste and avoiding mass-producing identical items that may not sell. 


As demand grows for ethically made and durably constructed furniture, Furninova provides the perfect solution.


JFS is your opportunity to meet the brand first hand and in person. Foster new connections and secure great deals to kickstart 2024. For more information about the event visit our official website

We can’t wait to welcome you to the show! 


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