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09 Dec 2022

Bluebone: Sustainable Innovation at UK Furniture Trade Show

The UK Furniture Trade Show serves as the perfect platform for Bluebone's remarkable innovation and design. Slated for January 21st-24th, this event gathers the crème de la crème of the furniture industry, making it an imperative visit for anyone keen on staying updated with furniture trends.


Two Decades of Excellence and a Diverse Portfolio


Founded over 22 years ago by Dale and Darryl Boal, Bluebone has become a name synonymous with quality and sustainability in the furniture industry. Originating in Manchester and Belfast, the brand started its journey with founders Dale and Darryl Boal importing Indonesian handicrafts. Today, it stands as a trade-only enterprise with a focus on sustainable timbers like mango wood and reclaimed woods. With a robust product catalogue available via an online flipbook, Bluebone's variety ranges from unique furniture pieces to innovative accessories.


Emphasis on Sustainability: Spotlight on Reclaimed Woods


Bluebone has shown a consistent commitment to responsible sourcing and sustainable practices. One of the highlights of their collection is the furniture made from reclaimed woods, including recycled boat wood, driftwood, and village teak root. This commitment to eco-friendly materials extends to their packaging, which is increasingly incorporating recyclable materials. By making such responsible choices, Bluebone ensures compliance with Package Waste Regulations 2007, thereby reducing the environmental footprint.


Cutting-Edge Design and Customer Focus


Not just content with sustainability, Bluebone is highly customer-focused. Their trade-only online catalogue is easily navigable, making it a useful sales tool for in-store staff and a convenient option for end consumers. The brand prides itself on reliable delivery and dedicated after-sales service, covering the UK and all of Ireland from their Manchester and Belfast bases.


Digitally Driven: The Online Flipbook Catalogue


In an effort to further reduce their environmental impact, Bluebone has ceased the printing of paper brochures. Their detailed online flipbook catalogue, searchable by product type, code, or range name, is a testament to this commitment. The pages are downloadable as PDFs, making the catalogue both an eco-friendly and user-friendly resource.


Bluebone is not just a name to look out for at the UK Furniture Trade Show; it’s an integral part of the whole experience. Their blend of high-quality craftsmanship, customer focus, and sustainability makes them a shining example in the furniture industry. Their Manchester and Belfast roots add a unique flavour to their product range, ensuring that Bluebone continues to be a name associated with both innovative design and ethical practices. Book your tickets here to explore a brand that seamlessly combines cutting-edge design with sustainability.


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