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02 Dec 2022

Baker Furniture at JFS: A Legacy of Quality and Design

Discover Baker Furniture at the January Furniture Show

The January Furniture Show (JFS), the UK's premier furniture trade event, offers an ideal

backdrop for appreciating the rich legacy and contemporary designs of Baker Furniture. Taking

place from 21st to 24th, JFS is a must-visit for those keen to discover the latest in the furniture

industry. Baker Furniture, established in 1890 and a leading manufacturer since, will feature

prominently, making this an unmissable event.

A Heritage of Quality and Expansive Collections

Founded in 1890, Baker Furniture has evolved to become an industry leader, renowned for

classic designs crafted from fine materials. With collaborations with world-famous designers and

a global reputation, the brand has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company’s

storied history includes noteworthy collections like the Manor House, Far East, and Palladian

lines, each marking a milestone in furniture design. Notably, Baker furnished the Green Rooms

for the Academy Awards presentations, further cementing its cultural relevance.

Diverse Style Spectrum in Sofa Collections

Baker Furniture’s range is both versatile and extensive, offering collections to suit any home

setting. From the Baker Resort and Luxe collections to the Paola Navone and Baker Essentials

ranges, there’s something for every taste. In addition, the brand has a history of pioneering in

design, from its 1925 Art Deco "Twentieth Century Shop" to the introduction of Chinese Modern

furniture at the 1934 Chicago World’s Fair.

Craftsmanship and Customisable Features

Baker Furniture sets the standard for quality with fine materials and unique features like tufting

and weltless arms. The brand has consistently pushed the boundaries of design, partnering with

the likes of Danish Modern pioneer Finn Juhl in the 1950s and launching an array of designer

collaborations in recent decades.

Exceptional Value and Customer Service

Balancing affordability with high-quality craftsmanship, Baker Furniture caters to a variety of

budgets without sacrificing standards. A dedicated team ensures customers are well-guided

through the selection process, making for a seamless experience from start to finish.


The January Furniture Show stands as an invaluable opportunity for exploring enduring and

cutting-edge furniture designs. Baker Furniture's extensive history and forward-thinking

approach make their showcase a highlight of the event. For those interested, tickets for JFS can

be secured affording the chance to witness the

epitome of furniture design excellence.


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