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Access the Top Interiors Trends at January Furniture Show

We've partnered with The Better Trends Company to bring a Trends Forecasting service to the buying community at January Furniture Show.
This new service featured a trends installation showcasing three trends making waves in the world of interiors this year,
supplemented by trends' workshops offering buyers expert, tangible and adaptable trend advice.

The Better Trends Company will be back next year to showcase the latest 2023/24 trends.

The Better Trends Company

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Trend #1 | Modern Psychedelic

‘Permacrisis’ was recently announced as the Word of the Year by Collins Dictionary and this trend presents a defiant response.
Consumers look to embrace joyful, nostalgic and creative outlets through bright colour and bold pattern.
Fluid prints mix with hypnotic structured patterns, adding much needed moments of design joy.

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Trend #2 | Rhythmic Form

The simplicity of the shapes in this trend belie the multiple complex ways in which they are used.
Repetition and texture work together to create a meditative space.
The feeling conveyed through this style is authentic and artistic in both muted earth tones and natural materials.

Better Trends Company 2

Trend #3 | Dreamwave

Psychedelia evolves into a surreal expression as our world gets stranger.
Designers are playing with the shifts between realities and fantasies, nostalgia and the future.
Dreamlike movements, layers of colour and morphing shapes all contrast to create a hypnotic and surreal aesthetic.

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