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Stand: C112
  • | Interior Accessories
  • | Hall 2 – Interiors Accessories and Furniture
  • | New Exhibitor

At Dappr, we are the pioneers of a new era, where creativity and sustainability intertwine seamlessly. Our brand stands proudly as the go-to destination for the Uncompromised Trendsetters - a community of conscious consumers who seek innovative furniture designs that leave a positive impact on the planet. Through our cutting-edge aesthetic and dedication to sustainability, we challenge the conventional norms of consumerism, redefining what "new" truly means. We are passionately leading the movement towards a more mindful way of living, one that celebrates the emotional value and longevity of our possessions. Collaboration is at the core of our ethos, and we invite our clients to become co-designers, crafting bespoke furniture pieces that embody their unique vision. Each creation tells a story, building meaningful connections that transcend transactions. Every small choice can make a big difference