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23 Dec 2022

Coco High bed

Flair Furniture Stand: 5-D52
  • Coco High bed
  • Coco High bed
  • Coco High bed
Coco High bed Coco High bed Coco High bed

If you just don’t have the extra space to fit everything in your room and are looking to redesign then our Flair Coco High Sleeper might be the answer to that dilemma. This exquisitely crafted high sleeper frame has been designed with one thing in mind which is to completely maximise storage and productivity space given the relatively small area.

Incredibly, included with this workstation bundle is an underbed desk with enough space for a monitor on either the top or bottom platform, various shelves on either side of the side, and a spacious open wardrobe with a hanging rail. These amazing features are topped off with the safety first wide-stepped ladder leading to a single bed above which is the perfect snug sleeping area for your little one after a busy day. 

Finished in a solid easy-to-clean white with an oak finish the Coco Highsleeper is sure to fit perfectly within any bedroom setting.


Length: 195.8cm
Height: 180.4cm
Width: 125.8cm

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