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SITS Sp Z.o.o. Stand: 1-C80
  • Britt
  • Britt
  • Britt
Britt Britt Britt

Britt embraces the classic values of Scandinavian simplicity and
the joy of bringing families together. This is a sofa that is equally
generous as it is comfortable whilst still looking smart.
Britt is designed to match homeowners that appreciate and values
great, simple and tasteful interior design with a cosy twist and high
quality. Lovers of popcorn and marathon movies should make sure
not to miss the option of the wide chaise lounge, as it is large enough
to make room for two! The ravioli cushions will add that extra plush
style, softness and comfort to your Britt.
Design: Anna Näsström.
fabric: heather 2 light beige 

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