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Sareer Pocketo Brochure

Sareer Furniture Stand: 5-F45

In 2015 proof of our never-ending search for innovation in the evolution of beds and mattresses is illustrated in our prestigious mattresses, please let us introduce the Sareer Pocketo Mattress range.

They’re such good mattresses that clients have our full permission to feel decadent as they melt into their mattress for the most divine and excellently supported sleep experience. They’re a retailer’s dream.

We can even make the confident assertion that retailers will find their customer the ideal mattress in the new Sareer Pocketo range.

All of our mattresses are produced in the U.K. by a team of craftspeople with an unrivalled wealth of experience and expertise. They fully understand mattresses and the user’s requirements.

The Pocketo mattresses are avaiable in 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 pockets, all hand stitched for maximum support levels, air vents and technology that means that no sleeper needs to worry about roll together problems.

Our natural fillings of Polly fill rebound cotton, memory wool, silk, cashmere, and pure new wool are sourced from U.K. farms and the optimum standard of U.K. sourced fabrics add to the comfort as well as the design quality and arguably the best attribute is that every mattress has a designer quality edge to them, but they are made to order.

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