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03 Jan 2023

Home Decor Catalogue

Vietnamese Pavilion Stand: 4-C30

With its unique mix of traditional and contemporary culture, Vietnam is a great source of inspiration for interior design. From its vibrant cities to its lush countryside, there are a variety of fascinating home decor options available to enhance any living space. Artisan craftsmanship has always been an important part of Vietnamese culture, making it easy to find beautifully crafted pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Vietnam’s traditional crafts have been refined over centuries and now provide homeowners with distinctive pieces of art. Influenced by the Chinese, Indian, French and American cultures, items such as woven baskets, lacquerware boxes, bamboo placemats and ceramic vases are all crafted with great skill and attention to detail. These products also reflect the rich heritage of Vietnam while simultaneously providing modern families with stylish alternatives for their home decoration needs.

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