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15 Jan 2024


Sci-Net Ltd Stand: E2

ERP>>>Rapid is Sci-Net’s latest innovative solution, developed specifically for the furniture industry. This new alternative has been derived from Sci-Net’s extensive experience serving the furniture industry. Over the years, the team noticed patterns emerging with existing clients, such as recurring requirements, common processes, shared challenges, etc. Realising that while every business is unique, a standard structure within the furniture industry remains consistent. Identifying and leveraging this consistency has enabled Sci-Net to develop ERP>>>Rapid, a robust, pre-configured solution that perfectly aligns with the industry’s core needs. Built upon the ERP>Retail foundations, this pre-set configuration reduces development, consultation, and implementation hours, ensuring a seamless, swift, and budget-friendly implementation of the new solution. It is the ideal solution for small-scale retailers who need a software solution that allows them to keep up with demand and effectively compete with larger companies—without breaking the bank.

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