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Press kit new collection

Bontempi Casa Stand: 1-D55
Press kit new collection
Franz sofa, Lady armchair, Cross, coffe table, Circle lamp, Bach table, Amelie chair



The new collection is enhanced with unprecedented and precious elements. The expansion of our selection emphasizes the design strength of this collection that can boast an impressive visual impact: table sculptures or practical square and extendible tables, chairs with finely upholstered or covered in full grain hide-leather seats, open bookcases with corner elements and functional accessories - such as TV stand unit, drawers, desk, glass cabinet with stemware holder - coffee tables and suspension, floor, and table lamps. The new fabric sample book, whose shades are inspired by nature, is furtherly enriched with ali the chromatic scales. The 2024 collection brings out the combination of strong materiai textures and consistencies. lt also emphasizes shape contrasts using new symmetries, while the simplicity of lines is enhanced by the wealth of decoration. The fine furniture al so meets the tastes of the youngest generations, whose members, choosing among a variety of materials, colors, and exclusive decorations, have the chance of living the moment of the choice and of the purchase as an engaging, sensoria 1,and pleasant experience, while also creating minimal-glam environments with a creative trait.

The copious selection offers a wide horizon of configurations for house, contract, and outdoor environments alike. The living furniture iconic collections have been expanded and embellished by adding the new Sofa collection, characterized by a pure, sober, and light design that mainly tends to essentiality and elegance. Several elements with new lines offering non-conventional solutions can be matched: linear and lateral sofas, peninsulas, chaise langue and ottomans with free-standing backrests, and cushions in different sizes design the new homes in an appealing and peculiar way.







Design Lu. Na Progetti


Majestic and anchanting, Bach is a teble with a significant scenic vigor, sign of the never - ending search for elegance. The technically developed sculptural base wth soft shapes creates a game of solids and voids, tht make the impressive tabie delicate from a visuaI point of view.

Fixed table, lacquered metal frame, top available in SuperCeramic, Supermarble, spessart veneer, walnut veneer, solid wood, glass.



BACH console


Design Lu. Na Progetti


Bach console lies on two elegant and plain molded elements that intersect enriching its sober and light design. The wood or Supermarble top endows this console with a timeless beauty and a classicaI touch, making it match with the other pieces of this collection.





Design Yoshino Toshiyuki


Functionality, synthesis, and sober design make Matisse a practical piece of furniture. Matisse is a desk useful to create a reading corner, a minimal desk for home office workspaces and can also be used as a console. Finely equipped, this desk, with its contained dimensions and its slim structure, states the incessant pursuit of innovation: the retractable drawer is a useful space that allows to create aesthetic order in minimal, yet refined environment. Desk with lacquered metal frame, top - drawer in walnut or oak veneer.





Design Andrea Radice


Fixed or extendible table with lacquered metal frame and decorative details available in different finishes. The ethereal structure consisting of ovals in stark contrast to the horizontality of the top creates a singular play of perspectives and an impeccable ba lance of shapes. Rectangular or barrel top available in sol id wood, veneer wood with sol id edge, veneer wood, glossy or matt glass, SuperMarble or SuperCeramic.





Design Pocci & Dondoli


Fixed or extendible table with rectangular or square top. Lacquered aluminum frame available in different finishes with top in glossy or matt glass, SuperCeramic or SuperMarble with a new, easy, and intuitive opening mechanism. lts straight but not square legs are able to satisfy every aesthetic whim that aims at contemporary charm.








AMELIE chair


Design Cuno Frommherz


Amelie is an elegant and charming chair, which is also casual and has an embracing comfort due to the finely curved and softly upholstered back and seat. The roundness of spindle legs lightens and softens its figure with generous sizes, that perfectly match with the international taste and


that make this chair a must have for every environment, from the dining room to the living room and the studio. Laquered metal frame.



LUCREZIA chair Design Stefano Grassi

Chair with or without arms, with lacquered metal frame available in different finishes. Frame with replaceable feet. lts upholstered monocoque is covered in full grain hide-leather without stitching. The metal frame stands out for its character and light appearance and coordinates beautifully with the luxuriant seat in extremely fine full-grain leather, made from superior quality leathers.



GRACE chair


Design Pocci & Dondoli


The design thought that createci Grace was the need fora design chair devoted to complete comfort to furnish any open setting. With soft folds on the back and a slight curvature of the body, Grace stands out for its soft and functional li ne. lts gentle form is an invitation to sit. Chair with metal frame available in different finishes or completely covered, with replaceable feet.



ROCKET chair


Design Pocci & Dondoli /Vegni Graie


Comfortable and performing, with essential lines but with a fresh and contemporary design, colorful, resistant, light, and stackable. This is Rocket, the latest generation polypropylene chair suitable for all the environments: office, home, and outdoor environments. The armrests allow the chair to be placed on a table or a suspended surface. Stackable chair with a fully polypropylene and recyclable glass fibre frame.



LADY armchair Design Marco Corti

Elegant and compact, Lady is the perfect element to enhance ali environments devoted to comfort. The design is expressed with practical simplicity and the wooden frame harmoniously contrasts with the upholstered parts. Functional details, but of enormous appeal, are the back cushion and the armrests with the metal part, completely decorative, which recalls the feet.





Design Bernhardt & Velia/ R & D


Puffoso bench is a piece of furniture that fits into classic, contemporary and minimalist environments alike. Also, perfect to enhance contract spaces. The metal support frame integrates with the shell, which can be upholstered in leather or fabric, with a singular identity. lt has a distinctive style when used alone and is playful in combination with Puffoso ottoman.







Design Studio E - ggs


Musa sideboard is an innovative interpretation of simplicity and versatility of wood. The sideboard with its pure and simple design seduces also for the texture of its doors, which are run vertically by grooves forming and graphic motif on the surface, which creates a harmonious game of lights and shadows and a tridimensional effect. Sideboard with wooden frame with two or three doors, inside shelves in clear glass.








Design Pocci & Dondoli


Audrey stands as the perfect focal point in any fine setting. lt is a showcase revisited with an artistic twist, embellished by the finishes. The design is essential, the silhouette is delicate, the sides, doors and shelves are made of glass. lts innovative character is in the integrated led light that highlights the object kept inside.









Design Pocci & Dondoli


An aesthetically appealing materiai match-up characterizes Atena bookcase. lts geometries enhance the apparent simplicity of the design, which invites to customization in the choice not only of finishes, but also of spaces, alternating solids, and voids, which endow the bookcase with dynamism and retlections, in extravagant contrast to the rigor of squares and rectangles.

Bookcase module with lacquered metal sheet frame, back panel in the finishes laquered metal sheet frame or in SuperMarble, optional top in laquered glass.







Design Shannon Sadler


The bookcase Charlotte turns into a multifunctional piece of furniture with the addition of new accessories: glass cabinet, TV stand unit, drawer, tray shelf, desk, corner element.

Glass cabinet: the geometrie and pure shape emphasizes the sophisticated contrast between wood and glass that reveals the play of retlections of the objects on display. Designed to conta in and display at the same time, the display case can be equipped with led lighting and a practical stemware holder.

TV stand unit: the wooden panel, to be installed in the centrai element of the bookcase, is already prepared for the assembly of a television screen and the cable trunking is completely hidden by the bookcase structure.

Drawer: it can be positioned under the TV screen, and it is equipped with a comfortable push­ pull opening and an assisted closing.

Tray shelf: it is a valuable and strategie support surface added to the shelves of the Charlotte bookcase.

Desk: this element creates an island dedicated to the home office in the bookcase.


Corner element: this element enhances and renews the spaces between one wall of the room and the other.









Design Pocci & Dondoli


Wall mirror consisting of two elements in different finishes and linked by a decorative detail. The matching and overlapping of shapes are characterized by geometries that are similar but different in proportions.




Design Studio e - ggs


Ovai or round wall mirror available in different sizes. The storage shelf can be a convenient pocket emptier matching the bronze, silver, or smoky effect of the mirrored surface.






Design Yoshino Toshiyuki


Square or rectangular coffee table available in different sizes. The two identica I tops are superimposed asymmetrically and offer the opportunity to display objects on different levels, creating a balance and depth effect.





Design Nick Rennie


Square, rectangular, or round coffee table available in different sizes. Top in glass or veneer wood. lts fluid geometries give it a very light image and enhance its ingenious structure, made of elegant rods with visible spherical heads.





Design Pocci & Dondoli


Coffee table with a round top - available in different dia meter sizes - resting on a cylindrical metal base available in a variety of heights. The top is characterized by a marked materiality: the matching of Supermarble and veneer wood in their different finishes is possible. The matching of a plurality of materials in the same environment may create unique compositions. The lacquered metal tray is an additional decorative element.





Design Shannon Sadler


Coffee table with square, ovai, or round top resting on a tapered steel plate frame. The top is available in glass, SuperCeramic, and SuperMarble, which contributes to define a new strength and ba lance image through contrasting shapes and thicknesses.





Design Studio F+B Design


This coffee table is made of a single volume in hand-blown glass, it represents an artistic value conferred to the industriai production. lt is available in variety of diameters and heights. The base is in dark brass lacquered metal.






Design Studio design F + B


Artistically minimal, Papillon lamp vibrates in the space with its light and with the reflections of its metal structure that embeds its illuminating body. The two concentric and rotating circles can be oriented according to the user's taste, allowing to customize the lamp configuration and the diffusion of light. The lamp is horizontal in the suspension version and vertical in the floor version. Pendant lamp with borosilicate glass sphere, as sandblasted, and metal finishes frame.





Design Studio F+B Design


A family of suspension lamps with ceiling rose and structure in dark brass lacquered metal M028, available in two different sizes. A suspension version for double compositions to match the multiple ceiling rose is also available. A dimmer kit can be added to Comet lamp for both single and double composition.



CIRCLE - table version Design Studio F+B Design

The Circle lamp collection is enriched with the Circle table lamp with dimmable led. lts base is in anthracite lacquered metal, the structure is available in dark brass or in the special finishes.

Beautiful even when it is not lit, it surprises in its essentiality.





Design Studio F+B Design


Suspension, floor, or table lamp with metal structure. The lamp body is incorporated in the borosilicate glass spheres, that are partially mirrored, creating an extraordinary play of light and shadows and a brightness-intensifying effect.








Design Skrivo


Curvy and oversize, Franz sofa is expression of style and of desire of coziness and visual harmony. The rounded back envelops the cushions of the seat, which have a generous thickness ensuring


a perfect ergonomics and emphasizing comfort and softness. The shapes offer various possibilities of configuration while the chromatic combinations give interesting style opportunities fora living with an outstanding personality.





Design Carlo Bimbi


lt is the most futuristie representation of the" sofa system" concept. Modular, designed with open and generous shapes, harmonious, with free-standing, but stably supported - thanks to the manufacture with specific weights - backrests. The decorative armrest with lacquered metal structure - available in variety of finishes - attaches to the sofa seat.





Design Marco Corti


The rigorousness of the compact shapes contrasts with the softness of the padding and with the wide and comfortable seat. The metal rod finish that runs the length at the base of the sofa is a precious detail of character with a contemporary style.





Design Bernhardt & Velia


Elegant sofa with soft and enveloping lines. lts tubular decorative details in lacquered metal - available in different finishes - are harmoniously integrateci in the structure. The seat with a generous thickness is extremely ergonomic.





Design Carlo Bimbi


The Dakota is a minimalist and elegant sofa. lt stands out for the thin shape of its structure, which contrasts with the thickness and with the soft padding of the cushions and the backrest. The lacquered high metal feet give it formai lightness and a contemporary style.

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