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GRUPPO MASTROTTO - Leather Experience, Next Level

GRUPPO MASTROTTO  - Leather Experience, Next Level


 Leather Experience, Next Level

Gruppo Mastrotto is globally renowned for its specialism in the production of high-quality bovine leather and hides for luxury brands in furniture, footwear and leather goods, and the automotive, nautical and aviation industries. 

Founded in 1958, Santo and Bruno Mastrotto, together with their father Arciso, laid the foundations of the Group’s reputation as world-leading experts in fine craftsmanship in the process of tanning. 

Continued commitment, creativity, innovation and professionalism ensures the Group continues to evolve; leveraging traditional tanning techniques with technological advances to proactively diversify in its use and processing of different raw materials and production to meet, anticipate and inspire market trends and expectations.

Being an international player in the tanning industry involves great responsibilities towards customers, staff and the environment in general. Over the years, the Group has made a commitment to place the environment and respect for people first, to build a better world for the new generations. 

For Gruppo Mastrotto, the commitment to a more sustainable future is as a journey - The ‘Sustainability Journey’. Focused on innovation and improvement in sustainability issues across three key areas - Environment, Economy and Social.

To inspire sustainable development through targeted investments, constant attention to people, to the production processes and to the impact on the environment; to minimise environmental impacts of tanning, and develop tangible initiatives with their partners and all their staff.

Ultimately, the Group is dedicated in its ambition to achieve the highest standards of quality, safety and sustainability of its products. 

Sustainability – Next Level

In adherence to the UK 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, in 2019, Gruppo Mastrotto announced the Group’s strategy ‘Sustainability- Next Level’.  A manifesto of fundamental values, with a purpose to give a solid contribution to build a better world for new generations.  

The Group is gaining increased industry-leading recognition and internationally acclaimed accreditation for its cutting-edge developments and innovation in product creation and tanning processes. With notable strides in greater circularity and traceability across the supply chain, from raw material to refined product to retail.

The recent launch of its ‘Sustainability Passport’ was purposefully created to inform and invite stakeholders on the journey, to join in a shared commitment across the entire supply chain to ensure sustainable development for future generations. 


The passport is a dedicated document that defines Gruppo Mastrotto’s strategic direction as it travels towards the destination of greater sustainability. Marking the Group’s progression and the milestones achieved as it explores new horizons and embraces new challenges.

The ‘Sustainability Journey’ - So far

Significant new developments include confirmation of Scope 1 and 2 Carbon Neutrality for Gruppo Mastrotto Express, its exclusive ready-to-deliver leather service of over 40 collections and 1,500 colours of leather. Link news 

RENOVA represents a great innovation in the tanning industry.  Renova is a  “zero waste” innovative material designed to re-use and recycle leather scraps that would otherwise be destroyed; completing the product’s circularity and giving value to the typical by-product of the tanning cycle.

Renova is a highly customisable product destined for all brands that have made sustainability a central focus of their corporate path. 

Renova can easily be used in the interior and nautical sectors.

Products bearing the OEKO-TEX® label guarantee safe purchase for the health of people and the environment. LEATHER STANDARD by OEKO-TEX® is a new, independent and globally recognised environmental product certification for leather and leather goods. Adopting the standards ensures the Group is consciously purchasing products that are safe for people’s health and the environment. 

The certifying body aims to provide a transparent report of corporate compliance with safety standards throughout the entire supply chain, from the brand to the retailer, to the end user.

Gruppo Mastrotto’s achievement of Gold Rating certification by the Leather Working Group signifies the highest recognition awarded in the industry.  Its raw material traceability score of 85/100 is one of the highest in the sector. 

The Group continues to source 100% electricity supply from certified renewable sources, and also reported its 98% performance in waste recycling, approximately 20% above the industry average.

Gruppo Mastrotto, in 15 plants worldwide, is committed to best practice in initiatives for corporate welfare and social-professional inclusion.

Key highlights include securing the ‘Difference in Addition’ prize recognising Gruppo Mastrotto’s inclusion project launched in 2018. The award by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers’ National Anti-Racial Discrimination Office, is intended to assess and promote worthy projects dedicated to diversity in the workplace. 

The Group also continues its program of networking, discussion and training events to educate on sustainability, and implement initiatives to support the local community.

Proud to report its progress, Gruppo Mastrotto has published its thirdSustainability Report’, outlining the developments to date in more detail.




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