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Stand: 5-A33
  • | Beds & Mattresses
  • | Carpets & Rugs
  • | Contract Furniture
  • | Fabrics (Upholstery, Curtains)
  • | Furniture
  • | Living Room Furniture
  • | Occasional Furniture
  • | Office / Home Office
  • | Retail Solutions
  • | Soft Furnishings
  • | Upholstery (Sofas, Chairs)
  • | Hall 5 – Furniture Upholstery and Beds

VetiGraph is the UK’s leading supplier of template design and lay planning software. We also offer a wide range of CAM hardware from plotters to automated CNC cutting machines.

Our software and hardware solutions have been helping leading brands and manufacturers maximise quality and profitability, and get their products to market faster, smarter and better.


New England House
Unit 4, Level 5
New England Street
East Sussex
United Kingdom
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  • Whether your templates are very simple or complex, using CAD software makes the process of making templates quick and easy. If your templates are particularly large, designing digitally saves space an ...
  • Lay planning and nesting software can make significant savings in fabric consumption and time saved by not physically drawing cutting markers. The markers can be sent to your auto cutter or printed on ...
  • ScanGraph digitising solutions will improve your design productivity by digitising batches of hard copy patterns or templates fast and accurately.
  • Manufacturing furniture and upholstery or composite parts, we offer solutions that will help you to achieve the highest level of cutting quality, minimise fabric waste while boosting productivity.
  • Spreading becomes easy for all types of fabrics and materials from woven and jersey knitwear to tubular rolls or tubular folded.
  • Modern leather cutting technology doesn't take anything away from the skilled leather cutter, it simply speeds up the process, reduces waste and therfore improves costs.
  • Consumers are demanding more unique and complex upholstery for their furniture. Technology can speed up this process making it much more cost effective.
  • Our range of production plotters are made in the UK to the highest build quality.