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SITS Sp Z.o.o.

Stand: 1-B60
  • | Hall 1 - Premium Design
  • | Furniture
  • | Soft Furnishings
  • | Upholstery (Sofas, Chairs)
SITS Sp Z.o.o.

Handmade in Europe

The Sits brand is derived from decades of hard work, dedication, and passion for furniture design and manufacturing. With European production in our own state of the art factories, we combine modern manufacturing techniques with the expertise of more traditional furniture craftsmanship skills, to make products that we are proud to wear the Sits name.

In 2022 we became part of Danish Actona Group, a very important and promising step for our company’s development and future.


SITS Sp. z o.o.
Sikorskiego 60
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  • Pardon the cliché, but for our Space table, less really is more. The light metal frame is available in black or white, and can hold a wood or glass surface. Design: Dan Ihreborn.
  • Is it time to level up your interior? The characteristic holes make Tetris the perfect building block for adding a different and strikingly stylish feel to the room. Design: Dan Ihreborn.
  • A wood table with a light touch. It can also hold a practical tray for all the things you want to have within reach. Design: Dan Ihreborn.
  • Don’t you just love a good table? One that marks its presence in the room without taking over. Sturdy and solid as proof of genuine craftmanship, yet designed with a delicate and elegant touch. When y ...
  • Britt embraces the classic values of Scandinavian simplicity and the joy of bringing families together. This is a sofa that is equally generous as it is comfortable whilst still looking smart. Britt i ...
  • Why make a fuss? With clean, simple lines and a single deep and long seat cushion you’ve got all you need to create a comfortable, elegant sofa. Add the choice of a fixed cover, or a loose one with a ...
  • How do you want your sofa to look? Add your own personal touch by choosing metal or wooden legs. You can also choose the type of armrest, add armrest cushions, and opt for a fixed or removable cover. ...
  • A fresh combination of comfort and simplicity supported by a modern touch, Brandon’s simple shape is a starting point – choose the basic model to serve as a comfortable and elegant piece of furniture. ...
  • Looking for a sofa for the whole family, but with a light, stylish look inspired by Scandinavian design? Well, you might not have to look any further. Stella combines comfort and functionality with an ...
  • Kids love to play with cushions. Select your backrest cushion size (small, large or a mix of both) and order additional lumbar cushions and headrests to create a playful, friendly space with room for ...
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