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Vietnamese Pavilion

Stand: 4-C30
  • | New Exhibitor
  • | Hall 4 – Living Dining & Bedroom
  • | Bedroom Furniture
  • | Contract Furniture
  • | Furniture
  • | Garden & Outdoor Living
  • | Kitchen Furniture
  • | Lighting
  • | Living Room Furniture
  • | Dining Furniture
Vietnamese Pavilion

Vietnam Pavilion is a must-see for any visitors to the Furniture show in Birmingham

Vietnam is set to participate in the Furniture Show at Birmingham, United Kingdom from 22 to 25 Jan 2023. The show will feature a wide range of furniture from Vietnamese manufacturers. This is an excellent opportunity for UK businesses and consumers to learn more about Vietnam's burgeoning furniture industry and its commitment to sustainable practices. Visitors will be able to see firsthand how the Vietnamese furniture manufactures its products and learn about the process from start to finish. Vietnam is in a perfect position to supply high end goods on time and in an eco-friendly approach than current traditional methods.

In the past, most of the Vietnamese furniture in the UK was imported through middlemen and retailers, but now there is a growing number of Vietnamese furniture manufacturers who are setting up their own businesses in the UK. This has made it easier and more affordable for UK customers to buy Vietnamese furniture directly from the source. Vietnam has become a leading furniture manufacturer and exporter in recent years, and its products are now available in the UK. Vietnam furniture is known for its high quality and on time delivery, and the UK is an important market for Vietnamese manufacturers. 

THE POPULAR, Vietnam Furniture Hub is a marketplace platform founded and managed by K&P Global Ltd.

THE POPULAR was founded to connect furniture manufacturers in Vietnam and wholesale buyers in the UK in a more efficient way. This platform will help businesses connect, communicate, have secured transactions, and achieve their goals.

THE POPULAR is proud to represent the passionate Vietnamese Furniture Manufacturers who have been in the business for over 20 years. With intelligent design and manufacturing teams with many years of experience supplying products to IKEA, Walmart, and Costco..., we ensure that we will deliver high-quality furniture at a very reasonable price and save time and money while reducing the risk of fraud. Our manufacturers have achieved FSC, BSCI level D, ISO 9001 certification, and all IKEA standards. We are also implementing CSR for all employees, ensuring all standard working conditions and facilities, and providing high-quality products with low environmental impact.  

Our highly talented designers and manufacturers who can deliver from traditional and contemporary styles to bespoke and tailored-made orders.

The company was established in the UK with Co. Registration No. 11902412

VAT Certificate No. 335139902

EORI No. GB335139902000

By registering for a FREE ACCOUNT, the platform offers a wide range of furniture products from different Vietnamese manufacturers, from traditional to contemporary styles, all in one place, making it easier for wholesalers to find the right products for their customers.

Vietnam Furniture Hub is a welcome addition to the UK's wholesale market, and is sure to help build stronger relationships between Vietnamese furniture manufacturers and UK wholesalers.

Finally, the January Furniture show in Birmingham is one of practical activities of commerce towards the 50 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the United Kingdom.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pavilion in 2023.



  • Dining Rect. Table FSC Acacia Wood Size (mm): 1980L x 900 x 760H
  • Dining Chair                                       (Stackable) Aluminium powder coating & Rope in 4mm Thickness Cushion: 25mm Filling: Polyurethan Density 20Kg/m3     Unit pack: 4pcs/Carton Brown box ...
  • Dining Arm Chair                        (Stackable) FSC Teak Finishing: Natural Aluminium powder coating & Rope in  4mm  Thickness Cushion: 25mm Filling: Polyurethan Density 20Kg/m3   Hardware: Galvan ...
  • Odense Lounge Sofa Set FSC Teak  Finishing: Natural Italian Ceramic Cushion: Seat 100mm, Back: 120mm & 1 pillow  Filling: PU Foam: D28kg/m3 + Polyfiber Unit pack: 1pc/carton Hardware: Stainless steel  ...
  • Helsinki Lounge Sofa Set FSC Teak  Finishing: Natural Italian Ceramic  Aluminium powder coating Weaving: 4mm round rope Cushion: Seat 100mm, Back: 120mm & 1 pillow  Filling: PU Foam: D28kg/m3 + Polyfi ...
  • Monaco Conner sofa Set    FSCTeak  Finishing: Natural  Aluminium powder coating & Textilen  Thickness Cushion: Seat 100mm, Back 180mm                 Filling:  Polyurethan, Density 20Kg/m3         Har ...
  • Michigan Lounge Set

    03 Jan 2023
    Michigan Lounge Set FSC Teak Finishing:  Natural   Aluminium powder coating Thickness Cushion: Seat 100mm, Back 130mm                 Filling:  Polyurethan, Density 20Kg/m3        Hardware : Galvanize ...
  • Dining Chair  Aluminium powder coating & Rope in 15mm  Thickness Cushion: 30mm Filling:  Polyurethan Density 20Kg/m3 Hardware: Galvanize     Unit pack: 4pcs/carton, Brown box packing
  • Square Folding Table 70x70  FSC Teak  Finishing: Natural Aluminium powder coating  Hardware: Galvanize  Unit pack: 1pc/carton Brown box packing
  • Sunlounger  FSC Teak Finishing: Natural   Aluminium powder coating Thickness Cushion:  70mm, 2 Pillow Filling: Polyurethan Density seat:20Kg/m3,    Hardware: Stainless steel           Unit pack: 1pc/c ...


  • 582012 - Ext. Dining Table, Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 582011 - 5 Positions Foldable Chairs Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 311811 - Decking Chair with Cushion Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 310811 - Decking Chair Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 211811 - Rocking Chair with Cushion Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 211812 - Side table Acacia Wood Natural Colour
  • 181812 - Relax Table Acacia Wood with Fabric Natural Colour
  • 181811 - Relax Chair Acacia Wood with Fabric Natural Colour
  • 180812 - Relax Table Acacia Wood with Fabric Natural Colour
  • 180811 - Relax Chair Acacia Wood with Fabric Natural Colour


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